We’ve talked about it for months and I have mentioned it time and time again here on Sports With Chris . I have already even discussed what I would miss most if the 2020 college football season is cancelled.

While teams are beginning fall camp, the threat of the season being shut down continues to rise. The NCAA has already thwarted the Division II and Division III fall sports championships and the Mid-American Conference has now cancelled the football season due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To me, it’s always felt like only a matter of time before everything gets shut down. I’ve built a little hope as of late that perhaps we would at least get to start the season but the likelihood that we get that far at all seems to decline by the week.

That belief appears to be spreading across the nation now after especially after a report from Brett McMurphy stating that a Power 5 source told him the 2020 college football season is “done”.

The last month has been crunch time for college football and while I feel a great effort was given, perhaps it was too little, too late and was just never really going to work out to begin with.

Of course, nothing is official yet. But as I’ve said for weeks…the writing is certainly on the wall.