…..And what happened next probably shouldn’t surprise you

Sometimes we see things on TV or online that makes us pause and think….did I really just see what I think I did? That happened again this morning.

A good college friend of mine (shout out to John Michael Lenti who also came up with “The Hall Pass” brand) sent me a tweet of a video clip from former Florida and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer speaking on BTN Live (Big 10 Network) discussing the impact of a cancelled/postponed season and the steps moving forward.

But nobody could have been listening to what he was saying because behind him you could see what appears to be the reflection of a shirtless guy moving around in the room. Who is the guy? And more importantly, why is he shirtless anywhere close to the camera while Urban is on television were my first thoughts.

Then I listened closer to the video and heard a very peculiar sound that you normally would not hear in the background of an interview.

As someone points out on the thread, it looks and sounds awfully like shirtless guy is taking a bong hit….while Urban is speaking on live television.

And you can even see Urban have a mini panic attack when he first hears the noise with that stern ‘QUIT THAT” gesture, waving him off, as he is starting back into the camera.

Now right after I saw this, I was in the process of making a cup of coffee and the noises are quite similar in sound. However, I’d imagine Urban is not Anti-coffee which further leads us to believe mystery man was absolutely smoking weed.


We’re all handling the pandemic in different ways but perhaps Meyer should make sure he doesn’t have shirtless guys walking around in the background and definitely not taking a bong hit within a ear shot of the camera.

Oh to be a fly on the wall the moment he hung up on that call and closed his computer.