Clemson football has wrapped up fall camp and appears to be in relatively good shape health-wise as they continue preparation for the season opener Sept. 12 at Wake Forest. But with classes resuming, it is once again time to change gears in this ever-changing and unprecedented off season.

While the Tigers have certainly had their share of minor injuries throughout fall camp, forcing guys to cross-train, they came out in decent shape and hope to be back to full strength in the coming days. 

Head coach Dabo Swinney said the lumps and bruises are to be expected as he gave the post-camp update on Tuesday with a horse and tired voice. 

“We’ve got a lot of guys banged up right now,” Swinney said. “We had a lot of guys in yellow jerseys (limited participation), but it is just that part of camp. We’ve been going mandatory since July 6. So, we’ve had lots of running, lots of conditioning and training, and then you get into camp, and its a grind.” 

Swinney said most of the injuries thus far have been minor, but guys are slowly coming back to full health from tweaks to shoulders, ankles, and groins. 

While two key probable starters with Frank Ladson and Joseph Ngata are in the process of getting back to full strength after being in COVID-19 protocol, the Tigers have also seen other players out, including Travis Etienne, who was back in action on Tuesday after sitting out Saturday’s scrimmage. 

“They’ve been back for a while but just have to go through the acclimation period. Joseph will probably be in a green jersey (no contact) on Thursday then will be a full go on Monday, same thing with Frank. He should be back in pads on Thursday,” Swinney said. 

He said that it was a good “shot in the arm” to have them back along with Amari Rodgers, who has enjoyed a very productive fall camp and looks as good as ever. Swinney said, just like Trevor Lawrence, watching Etienne practice is always a treat. 

“You forget just special No. 9 is. Just to see him back out there live out of the game, he just shows up and is really a special player,” he said. 

Swinney commended the effort of his players and staff to staying in the best shape possible and taking care of their bodies through a grueling stretch as the team continues preseason work. 

Swinney said he looks forward to changing gears a bit and letting guys get their legs back while also continuing to work on Clemson and being the best version of themselves when the season begins. 

“Our guys are committed to taking care of their bodies. They really do a good job of that with cold tubs and all the recovery and rehab stuff. There’s a long way to go and we all should be tired,” Swinney said. “I’ve lost my voice, I’ve got the old camp voice going but we all should be a little sore after two weeks of camp, that’s just part of it.”

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