They say history repeats itself. Maybe they’re right. In 1997, Mack Brown had Tar Heel nation in the top five. He was the head coach from 1988-1997.
Over 20 years later, Brown is back at UNC with a National Championship and pair of Big 12 titles from his stint at Texas from 1998-2013.

Oh and by the way, the Tar Heels are back in the top five again here in week 6 of 2020.

2020, man. A year where UNC fans could be more hype about the football team than any other sports. It’s crazy.

Every time I think about Mack Brown I think of Mack Morrison and “Return of the Mack”. Ironically, that song was released in 1996, not too long before before Brown took the job in Austin.

If that’s not played at least once a week at practice and during pre-game at home, I’m very disappointed.