Heading into the season it was no secret the pressure was building for South Carolina head football coach Will Muschamp. And considering the impacts of Covid-19 on all the teams but especially one attempting to install a new offense under first-year SC offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, the current situation shouldn’t come as surprise.

But in year five, fans are just growing restless and let Coach Boom know it during the Gamecocks’ embarrassing 48-3 home loss to Texas A&M over the weekend. The loss dropped Carolina to 2-4 on the year. Chants of “Fire Muschamp” broke out Saturday and the clock is ticking for him to show signs of progress.

The problem is Muschamp’s buyout is STEEP. I mean really, really, steep. We’re not in the $21 million ball park like Auburn and Gus Malzahn but it’s not exceptionally better, either.

According to USA Today’s 2020 college football coaches salary database published today, Muschamp’s buyout as of Dec. 1 of this year stands at $15,378,750. Since taking over at South Carolina, Mushcamp is 27-27, including a 16-19 mark in SEC play. (Per USA TODAY Sports)

Muschamp has yet to reach Atlanta and is winless against his instate rival, Clemson. Probably didn’t help his case when a video was “leaked” of him dropping a F-bomb earlier this season either.

The rumblings are picking up steam and rumors begin spreading Sunday night that Muschamp was on the brink of being dismissed. But no reputable sources reported anything brewing from the Athletic Department/School and he held his Sunday teleconference as scheduled Sunday night.

There are some serious questions that have to be answered and one of the glaring ones is why Collin Hill is still QB1 and Ryan Hilinski and Luke Doty are still not getting any chances. Carolina has some pieces and shouldn’t be getting beat like a drum as they were this season against LSU and Texas A&M.

As his seat warms up, a politician took a bit of a dig at Coach Boom offering to help cover the cost of helping relieive him of his duties in Columbia.

After losing to incumbent Lindsey Graham in the race for the US Senate, I guess he has some extra time on his hands these days.

We’ll see how this all unfolds but as I’ve said before I think Ray Tanner is far better suited for the dugout than leading the Athletic Department. I think Muschamp survives until 2021 (whether he deserves it or not) unless he completely loses control and the Gamecocks don’t win another game this season.

The remaining schedule? It’s reasonable to go 2-2.

@ Ole Miss, Missouri, Georgia and @ Kentucky

I think there is definitely an opportunity for a win there but something HAS to change. In talking to my friends that are Carolina alum and devoted football fans, they are tired. Tired of Muschamp AND tired of Tanner. Muschamp himself knows this is unacceptable but at the same time he’s not really showing he’s wiling to do whatever it takes to turn this around.

One thing is for sure, he’s margin of error is now closing even faster than ever before. We’ll see how he closes things out.