I was there for his first Tiger walk and remember the buzz around that first game against Georgia Tech in 2008. I remember watching from the press box as a young Dabo Swinney left his team in the dust as he went full sprint onto the field at Death Valley in his first game as the interim head coach.

We all know how that turned out for Clemson and Coach Swinney. But it’s fun to look back at that first run and how he continues to show he’s got a little athleticism left in him as he leads the team down the hill every home game and out of the tunnel on the road.

But have you ever wondered just how fast Swinney is moving? I have but never given it any real thought. At least until this tweet surfaced over the weekend.

Now yes, he does have the momentum of running down the hill but let’s not pretend Dabo Swinney is 29 years old either. I’ve never even noticed as much of a stumble as he runs down the hill in all these years. He’s breaks free down the hill ahead of everyone and makes a B line for the Clemson sideline and makes it look easy.

Nevertheless, I thought this was pretty cool. I’m pretty sure my 40-time doesn’t start with a 4 at all so he’s doing much better than me.