I’m not sure you can find a commissioner in sports that has handled Covid-19 worse than The Big Ten’s Kevin Warren. It’s been an absolute train wreck since the spring. And now, the league continues to back pedal now that its prized possession, Ohio State, was in danger of not even qualifying for the B1G conference championship after playing just five games.

Everyone with a brain knew missed games were a strong possibility if not a dang near guarantee. They only allotted eight weeks to play eight games with ZERO room to be flexible for postponements or cancellations. 21 day min. quarantine for any confirmed positive test for a player. The plan was a joke from the get go. I knew it, you knew it, we all knew it. Well maybe all of us except Kevin Warren.

From initially deciding to play in the spring to backtracking and not even using the (common?) sense of the ACC, SEC or Big 12 to follow their lead and similar protocols only made this all worse.

Warren set this entire conference up to fail in 2020. Period.

And while it’s exactly not fair for the Buckeyes to suffer from the incompetence of the commissioner….tough cookie.

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day is pictured above with quarterback Justin Fields (Photo: Lincoln Journal Star)

Now, the league has alter things again to change the number of games needed for the Big 10 Ten game all because of how poorly they planned ahead months ago. I hate it for the players and coaches. Again, I feel their frustration and pain. But I think OSU and the Big Ten in general should have to live with those decisions and the consequences. If that means a 6-0 Ohio State gets left out of the college football playoff, so be it.

Sure, they probably are one of the best teams in the country but they have nothing to really prove that. And they shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt because they only got in five games during the regular season. It is by no fault really of Ohio State (minus not being overly impressive in said five games) but this one is fully on the shoulders of Kevin Warren.

I’m a big advocate of the current playoff model and strong believer these “What If” conversations are a waste of time. Why you ask? Because more times than not, it always works itself out. These endless debates are fun I guess but I’ll save all those conversations for the committee and the rest of y’all. But I’m good. Even in this crazy year, I’m good. Let’s just play this thing out. I don’t get a vote anyways. (They probably just lost my virtual ballot again)

If Ohio State loses in the championship, then of course this conversation looks much differently. But even now, I think it would take several things to happen the next two weeks for the Buckeyes to truly be deserving of a shot.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney agrees that Ohio State doesn’t have the resume to have a spot in this year’s playoff having only played five games. Life is not fair, I get it. But rewarding a 5-win team just because they “probably” would have been undefeated playing a regular schedule or even their full 8-game schedule is a joke and disservice to the entire playoff field. I don’t care what the name on the jersey is, right is right, wrong is wrong.

Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney talks with Ohio State Head Coach Ryan Day after posing with the Fiesta Bowl trophy during the Fiesta Bowl trophy at the coaches press conference in Scottsdale, Arizona Friday December 27, 2019. Clemson Fans Fiesta Bowl Coaches Conference

I will say its quite telling how the committee already feels with Ohio State holding at fourth place. If you ask me, the CFP should stand tall and not just squeeze the Buckeyes into the playoff this season. Because if we’re being honest they’ve done next to nothing to deserve it this year.