Fernando Tatis Jr is quickly becoming one of those players you either love or hate.

Many have chosen the latter and seem to have an issue with Tatis, his style of play and the bat flips. This isn’t little league, this isn’t even prep or college ball. We’re taking GROWN MEN playing a sport professionally and getting paid to do it. Why are we getting that worked up over something as harmless as a bat flip?

I’ve always taken the stance that if you don’t want a player taunting or celebrating, don’t give them the opportunity. Tatis probably isn’t going to flip his bat after you strike him our for the third time on the night. JuJu Smith-Schuester learned his lesson for making Tik Toks of himself dancing on opponents logos this past season. That sort of thing probably happens a bit less if you shut him down and keep him from scoring touchdowns.

It is a pretty simple concept, really. If you take care of your business on the field or court, more times than not you won’t have to worry about a bunch of celebrations, dances and other antics athletes do after making a play. You don’t like bat flips? Send him back to the dugout. You don’t like pitchers celebrating a dominant performance or big strike out? Make him pay for that fast ball right down the middle and send it to the parking lot. Don’t want that kick returner flipping into the end zone, well might help if you don’t even kick the ball in his vicinity and give him the chance to make a play.

SOMETIMES you get exactly what you deserve.

While you can make the argument it sets a bad example for younger kids, they already see them cussing, fighting, making inappropriate gestures, and getting into criminal trouble outside of the stadium or arena. I think they are going to be okay seeing these guys have a little fun while playing the sport they love. Of course this is all within reason and assuming they keep it PG-13.

I thought a lot of these folks had stopped watching all these professional sports anyways due to players kneeling during the National Anthem. Guess they came back already.