Every time I think of Laura Ingraham, (never even knew her name really until today) I get angry. She’s the lovely lady that said Kevin Durant and Lebron James should just “shut up and dribble” and called his involvement and stance on the political front as that of a “dumb jock”.

On the news. A “real” anchor thought telling a grown man, and yeah, a grown African American man that he should shut up and dribble? Because why? His beliefs are different from yours? Or because you feel threatened? Or you just don’t like Lebron James? Not sure any answer would make it better. But years later I’m still shook she said this and felt like she was making a darn good point. Turns out, it looks just as bad then as it did when she first said it.

If you need context, here ya go. This was a real life segment on Fox News….of course that shouldn’t come as a surprise from that network.

Now it appears we have yet another moron, this time from the sporting world, that believes Lebron James should just stick to basketball. Well I also had to look up this guy because I don’t follow soccer. I literally didn’t know he existed until this morning. But congratulations are in order for Zlatan Ibrahimovic for making his debut (and likely his finale) on The Hall Pass. You’ve officially made it, dude!


First of all buddy, becoming a celebrity or popular professional athlete doesn’t mean you forfeit your rights to speak your mind on other topics. Now sure you have to be careful about what you say because someone will take issue with it and run to the computer with a story if its anything remotely controversial or news worthy.

But the practice of telling ANYONE they shouldn’t comment on politics is problematic.

Man, I sure am glad that ‘dumb jock’ from Ohio didn’t just stick up sports or dribbling. Thank goodness he ignored that ignorant and sorry excuse for a news anchor and her blatant disrespect. Instead of going low, he went high and eventually opened a whole damn school in Ohio. That doesn’t sound like something basketball players should be doing, right? (sarcasm implied) What a world we would live in if people only concerned them selves about an area they are supposed to be “experts” in. Because as someone pointed out ( I regret that I don’t remember where I saw it) but they acknowledged how these politicians themselves aren’t the best at their jobs. Most of them don’t seem to be fit to hold office but here we are. He’s not running for Mayor of Los Angeles. Get a grip.

This is a very, very poor take. Because at the end of the day, just like he doesn’t care for Lebron’s (or other “high status” political opinions), I’m sure there are MILLIONS who don’t really care for his opinions, either. I respect his right to share them but coming out and saying you don’t like Lebron talking about politics is a dumb hill to die on. Just keep it to yourself. We. Do. Not Care. He’s a human being and deserves to talk about whatever he chooses. And you can always decide if you want to listen or not. He’s not out here inciting violence, spreading lies or causing harm to anyone. Let the man talk. If you don’t want to hear what he has to say, don’t read or listen.

It’s a pretty simple and VERY effective way to fix this ‘issue’ which by all accounts seems like a personal one. You should work on that, Zlatan and Laura.