It’s no secret that Will Muschamp is on the hot seat in Columbia.

However, it also seems that this year is a freebie season and barring any scandal or going 0-10, he’ll get to return next fall.

Between the financial woes in the fallout of Covid-19 and a very generous contract buyout, Carolina essentially has to roll with Muschamp if nothing more than for money reasons. At least until the end of the 2021 season.

Over the weekend, a clip of Muschamp using some not-so-friendly language in a blooper (?) video of sorts for the Athletic Department was posted online–and it spread as quickly as you might have guessed. I mean it’s 2020, he was going to have to address that video at some point and that day has arrived.

Turns out he’s not too happy the video was ‘leaked’ and while I can’t blame him, he knows better. I really don’t care when the video was recorded because last fall, last week, or two years ago really makes no difference.

But the issue here shouldn’t be who let it out, it’s that he thought it was a good idea to make in the first place. He’s been around the block long enough to know how cameras and social media works.

One thing is for sure, the administration and some of the older alumni probably didn’t love it. I think he’s safe as far as job security this season is concerned. That being said, having this video ‘leaked’ hours before losing to Tennessee at home to begin a challenging schedule is less than ideal for Coach Boom.

I’m no conspiracy theorist but it does seem interesting that a two-year-old video would ‘leak’ just hours before his 2020 season opener, right? I ain’t saying nothing….but all I’m saying is that if Will Muschamp wants to point fingers, it should probably be directed to someone down the hall or on the floor above him, not Phil Kornblut.

(Via Tenor)

It’s hard to make too much out of one game but after observing everything over the weekend, I’m not sure I see three “sure thing” wins on Carolina’s schedule right now on this 29th day of September. Vandy? Missouri? Maybe knock off Ole Miss or Kentucky? Wins are going to be few and far between this season.

Remember, the SEC is playing a 10-game, conference-only slate. So The Citadel, Coastal Carolina or University of Tennessee-Chattanooga this season. It’s going to get worse before it gets better in Columbia. But at least they have their brand new statue.…just disregard the lack of spurs.

(Photo: The SpursUp Show)