After news that Ohio State was facing a Covid-19 outbreak became public, College Football Playoff Executive Director Bill Hancock confirmed on Tuesday that the game between Ohio State and Alabama was still on as scheduled for Jan. 11 in Miami.

While there could indeed be an outbreak, some fans didn’t pause in questioning if this was a distraction to buy extra time. Ohio State QB Justin Fields could surely use another week to heal from his rib-crushing collision with Clemson’s James Skalski last week in the Sugar Bowl. The hit eventually led to a Targeting penalty and his second straight CFP ejection in New Orleans. Fields gutted it out for the thrilling win over Clemson but make no mistake he’s still feeling the pain from that hit.

Nick Saban’s daughter shared her true feelings about the week’s headlining news in a tweet that has since been deleted. In fact, she doesn’t even have her Twitter account at all anymore. Unfortunately for her, Twitter is fast. Real fast. And the nearly 10 minutes the tweet was “live” was plenty of time.

Screenshots are forever, baby.

Not really sure why she thought this wouldn’t break the internet. She’s old enough to know anything she says on social media can potentially be made into a national story. Also, I’m not sure why she thinks deleting her twitter is going to stop the bleeding. It’s too late for that.

In the words of the popular songwriter…. “Damage is done, so I guess I’ll be leaving…”